November 16, 2019


Frank Olson Twins


2/5 Robot Princess

Pine Box Rock Shop!

January 20, 2018 Little Skips, Bushwick!
Charles Mansfield
Kid Hawk
Toby Goodshank
Frank Olson Twins


October 20, 2017
Come join us for a night of Video Releases!  4 New Music Videos! Long Island City!
Video Music Premiere
Frank Olson Twins
Neil Kelly
Jheremie Jacque


January 15, 2017
Thanks for celebrating our record release!!  Such a great way to kick off 2017!  And truly an honor to play for such an amazing, positve crowd.  Many thanks go to some of our fave bands in Brooklyn music today!!
American Anymen
Frank Olson Twins
Ben Pagano and The Space Machine
Kung Fu Crimewave

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February 2, 2017

Come join us for a night of fun and great music as Lusterlit releases their EP titled:  List of Equipment

Lusterlit EP release w/ Mindtroll, Frank OlsonTwins, Endless Arrows
Thursday at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn

Dec 10, 2016 Little Skips 8PM
MY FRIEND & ME (that artist turned music)
FRANK OLSON & THE OLSON TWINS (that anit-folk trio)
LISE (that French phenom who we all love)
AMERICAN ANYMEN (that raw shit)
MAX MILLER (that man who does that sick shit with the beats)

Photo: Jon Cassill


Nov. 17, 2016, Sidewalk Cafe - Ray Brown Album Release "Live at Whelens"
7:00 - Frank Olson, 8:00 - Ray Brown, 9:00 - Dalton Deschain & The Travelling Show


Nov. 15 Cat's Cradle, North Carolina (Main Room!!!)
Stand Against HB2 - North Carolina Musicians United for EqualityNC and QORD.
How often do you get to spend an entire day and night with The Love Language, The Veldt, Foxture, Henbrain, Pre-Raphaelites, Frank Olson Twins, My 3 Sons, Happy Abandon, Onward, Soldiers, Blue Cactus, the grand shell game, Matt Phillips & the Back Pocket, The Fabulous Knobs, Pinto, the dB's, 6 String Drag, Tres Chicas, Robert Kirkland, Rod Abernethy, Ur Mom, Orlando Parker, Jr. and Someone's Sister for only $15? You won't if you don't get yer tickets ASAP.


September 18, 2016 8pm
Justin calls in sick, for a fun night of music at Looking Glass, Justin Remer, Preston Spurlock, Mark Palermo, Joe Crow Ryan.


August 26th, 2016
The Cave in Chapel Hill  with The Veldt, John Howie Jr. Frank Olson and The Olson Twins! Be there or kindly be square.


August 13, 2016 Sidewalk Summer Anti-Folk Festival!  
Me and the Olson Twins are excited to be playing tonight at the Sidewalk Antifolk Festival with so many GREAT acts!